What are some life tips for a teenager?

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Make some rules of your own personal life.

  • Be Proactive

Being proactive is the key to unlocking the other habits. Proactive people understand that they are responsible for their own happiness or unhappiness. They don’t blame others for their own actions or feelings.

  • Be active!

Join a sports team at school or out of school. Go for a run around your neighbourhood. Join a yoga group, go swimming at the local recreation centre, do sit-ups during commercial breaks on TV – anything! Just exercise! It helps you feel better, mentally and physically.

  • Choose your friends wisely.

Never hang out with someone/ unknowns who doesn’t make you feel comfortable. Be with people who make you happy,make smile on your face and ditch the ones who don’t. Create a group of supportive, loving friends that can help you succeed in life and live your dreams.

  • Never take drugs.

Keep in mind, No drugs ever, they lead towards death. People who have tried them are now dead such as Amy Winehouse and Whitney Houston and many other. If you can avoid these things during your teen years, they’re a lot easier to avoid once you’re out of high school and away from peer pressure.

  • Draw your future.

life is full of amazing things to do and learn about. Start from one single step to reach your goal. Start thinking about careers you would like to be in, but make a good choice based on your interests and strengths. This could be your job for the rest of your life! [I Recommend you to see “The Secret” Movie once as Teenager]

  • Love life and pray.

You’re young only for a short time, and before you know it you’ll be an adult that will be lying around saying, “I wish I had done this when I was younger.” Be daring, go out into the world and live life. You get the opportunity to enjoy life only once. God is always watching you!

  • Do what you love.

Do experiment and discover new things. Adopt a hobby like blogging, reading, writing, sewing, singing, dancing, playing a sport, making pottery etc... It will pass time and help you develop your personality.

  • Be aware before doing anything new.

Many people regret for the terrible mistakes they have done but at once it was what they exactly wanted. So, always be aware before doing anything new to yourself. [Be Like New Age Informers]

  • Do best in school.

School sets you up on the right track! No matter how boring it is now, education will help you be a productive member in society. Strive for excellence in school, try your best, listen to the teachers, do your homework, study, and get good grades. Doing so will help you get into a better college/university, which will enable you to get a great job in the future. [I know you want to be Hero in your classroom! You may once dreamed that other students kidnapped and You were saving all lives.]

  • Always be yourself.

Being yourself makes you more comfortable and builds confidence in your heart and soul. Don’t forget to always be yourself.

Really, Teenager life is more important and full of happy moments as well. After college when you take responsibilities on your own, You will gonna missing those school days.

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